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I was impressed with his sharp intelligence, and his courtroom skills and demeanor. His staff and Mr. Herman put in many late nights writing briefs and preparing for trial in order to provide a vigorous defense and a positive outcome.

Lloyd Herman successfully represented me in a very difficult and complex case. I had lost all confidence in the legal system by the time I was referred to his office. He managed to overturn a Superior Court Judgment that returned ownership of both my home in Spokane and my Idaho lake house to me.

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Mr. Herman cares deeply about his clients. He provides his cell phone number to all whom he represents and returns clients' calls immediately. He has dealt with legal emergencies on my behalf while on vacation twice, once from Mexico and once from Europe.

I am extremely indebted to Mr. Herman and his staff. I hold him in the highest regard and give him the strongest recommendation possible. He won for me against almost insurmountable odds.


The first time I hired Lloyd Herman was in 1991. I was in a motor vehicle accident. I was young, married and had three young children. I had no idea what to do. He helped me through every step of the process. I felt like he was holding my hand. He not only provided good legal advice, he cared about me and my whole family. He made sure all of our needs were being taken care of. If I didn't know what was going on, I could call the office and he and his staff were always quick to answer my questions and never seemed annoyed with me. They were just the opposite, always bending over backwards to make sure I understood what was happening.


Then in 2010, I was in 2 more car accidents. Who was I gonna call, no one else but Lloyd Herman. I have so much trust in him and his staff there was no way I would hire anyone else. EVER. PERIOD. That's how strongly I feel about Lloyd. I have seen how he treats his staff and his family and it is a strong indication of how he treats his clients. He gives so much to the community and to his clients. He bends over backwards for them.


One of the other things I like about Lloyd is how he educates you through the process. He never leaves a rock unturned or a page unread. He is very detail oriented. He is just awesome. He knows his medical stuff. He knows how to read medical reports and radiology reports. He even has plastic body parts in his office to explain things to you if for some reason you are not understanding what is going on with the medical problems you are having. It just amazes me that he wants to make sure you know what is going on with not only the legal process but also your medical issues and wants to make sure you are getting better and receiving the best possible medical treatment. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services.