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Were you injured while you were on the job? We can help you get compensation for lost wages and medical expenses against private industry.


We can handle any issue that deals with whether the injury you sustained qualifies as "on the job".

Have your injuries been caused by the carelessness of another? You could be entitled to financial compensation for your medical and property expenses.


Insurance companies know the ways to avoid paying your claims. We can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Personal injury representation

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Worker's compensation representation

Have you planned for your final wishes? Do you want to set up a trust fund for your loved ones?  


Our estate planning services plans for the distribution of your assets upon your death. We prepare wills and trusts to gain the maximum benefits of all laws.

Wills and Trusts representation

  • Manufacturers of defective automobile products such as Ford, BMW, Chrysler

  • Manufacturers of defective household products

  • Manufacturers of feminine hygiene products

  • Manufacturers of vaccines whose liability was assumed by the U.S. Government such as the swine flu vaccine

  • Manufacturers of commercial meat processing equipment

Years of successful settlements

We are dedicated to representing injured and disadvantaged individuals. Our results include major judgments and settlements against major corporations:

We have attained judgments and / settlements against:

  • Major insurance companies for bad faith treatment of their insureds

  • Major ski areas for installation of defective ski lift ramps

  • Negligent drivers who have caused injury or death

  • Corporations for sex discrimination and retaliation